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Not everyday you get out across the world to wander about just anywhere; we get it, it is indeed a complex decision.
But for us, its been our everyday job. Let's just say we know what today's travellers really desire.
We do not consider a vacation is just going somewhere to visit some prevailing places, and doing some routine activities. We believe a trip should be memorable, should be fruitful, should be an experience by itself.

Our endeavour is to bestow you a real life experience while you travel. We attempt to connect you to the people when you go. Our venture is to reveal those hidden secrets of the place which you would find nowhere else.
And we present you India. The mysteriously addictive country. The enigma people trying to solve since centuries.

Our commitment to you also is driven by our social cause. The world is a pretty prodigious place. And we want to do our bit to keep it that way.
That's our core philosophy to adapt and practice Sustainable Tourism and Responsible Travel. We are here to affirm that sustainability and responsibility does not mean no fun; in fact fun can used to benefit the society, the world.

We welcome you to visit our Programs and Experiences to encounter a new India in an antithetic way.

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As Qantas launches London-Perth, the first non-stop flights between the UK and Australia, Anna Reece of the Perth Festival picks her favourite cultural venues, restaurants, bars and beaches in the city

It’s among the most geographically isolated cities in the world, and sits on the edge of the Indian Ocean, so it’s only natural that the bright lights of Perth come from the sun and the sky. And that’s what gives Perth its sense of openness, endlessness and possibility.

Drive in any direction out of the city and the diversity of the Western Australian landscape is at your fingertips. Head north to Coral Bay, Exmouth and the Ningaloo Reef and it’s possible to walk from red dirt tracks on to white sand and into turquoise water. Venture south, and it’s the rolling farm land and vineyards of Yallingup and Margaret River, the towering karri and tingle trees of the Valley of the Giants and the rugged beaches of Denmark, Albany and Walpole.

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New £7.2m attraction celebrates Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s work and life through previously unseen artefacts and a journey into the mind of the great engineer

“You are now in Brunel’s ear canal,” Rhian Tritton tells early visitors to the UK’s newest museum as they walk through a dark, disconcerting, spongy corridor.

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Our tipsters sidestep big cities and theme parks to explore a bridge leading nowhere, great galleries, steaming volcanoes and outposts of US history

The jewel of Kinzua Bridge state park is the Kinzua Viaduct (once the US’s highest railway bridge). In 2003 it was hit by a tornado, which ripped away a large section. The Pennsylvania government decided that what remained of the bridge should be left as an example of the forces of nature. So it built an amazing visitor centre and sky walk where you can walk to a glass-floored observation deck at the edge of the viaduct’s remains for amazing aerial views of the state park, the valley and the creek. A hundred metres below your feet you’ll see the mangled remnants of the structure currently holding you up.
Dolly Sully

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The entire British landscape is reborn in spring, but some ‘ultra-special places’ merit a seasonal pilgrimage, says nature writer Matthew Oates
10 more spring walks

Spring is primarily about transformation and the promise of summer. It fights a titanic struggle, for winter is loath to let go. Eventually spring wins through, and greens the drab-brown land until its flowers cover winter’s grave.

Above all, spring is a mighty metamorphosis that would turn any caterpillar green with envy. Wave upon wave of rejuvenation occurs, over entire landscapes, over whole countries. At its zenith, massive changes occur daily: swallows arrive one day, orange-tip butterflies appear the next, then nightingales, and so on. It offers us new epiphanies each day, each sunny hour.

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Across the continent meadows and woods will soon be ablaze with colour. Tell us about great wild spring flower vistas you’ve come across

Whether it was on a walking holiday in the mountains, a road trip or cycling through beautiful countryside, we want to hear about great places you’ve enjoyed wild spring flowers. You might have been on a late-season ski trip and seen valley floors and lower south-facing slopes awash with colour, or just happened to look out of a train window at the right moment!

Tell us about your discoveries including details of walking and cycling routes, great viewpoints, and perhaps places to stay and eat.

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The former fort and notorious prison in Cork harbour, once known as ‘Hell on Earth’, has become an award-winning attraction

We disembarked at the long pier and walked to the star-shaped fort along a steep, twisting path. The smooth slopes rising up to the formidable ramparts and entrance gate, we are told by our guide, form a glacis, a feat of military engineering that leaves attackers exposed and makes defence far easier.

On this cold, clear day, with a low afternoon sun casting soft shadows, it was easy to overlook the enormity of this construction in Cork harbour – and the dark reality of Spike Island fort and prison itself. Until we learned that the vast banks surrounding the 24-acre fort were actually built in the 1850s by the inmates themselves.

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India has a rich history and tradition of oral storytelling, right from the old narratives of the Panchatantras and Jataka tales to the regional folk forms propagated by potochitrakars, bauls, harikatha and burrakatha storytellers. Remember the bedtime stories your grandmother narrated to you when you were a kid? Or the night-long plays or leelas you would attend over festivals like Dussehra? Storytelling defines our culture and identity. It’s a part of Indian rich heritage. One such [...]

Heading for Uttarakhand this summer? Looking for some place to stay away from the usual tourists? Bored of staying at the regular hotels and resorts? Presenting some hidden and secretly kept destinations in Uttarakhand to cheer your vacation up, and to rejuvenate your soul this summer. See the list of offbeat stays in Himachal Pradesh in [...]

Picture yourself in a morning sipping a cup of tea sitting on the balcony of a cozy rusty cottage surrounded by apple orchards, enveloped within misty jungles, overlooking the majestic Himalayas. Isn’t it the dream about your trip when you visit Himachal Pradesh? Owning such a house in the Himalayas might be a fantasy for some of us, but experiencing it is a mere question of your intention. The mighty mountains has several serene and beautiful cottages and homestays in Himachal P [...]