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Not everyday you get out across the world to wander about just anywhere; we get it, it is indeed a complex decision.
But for us, its been our everyday job. Let's just say we know what today's travellers really desire.
We do not consider a vacation is just going somewhere to visit some prevailing places, and doing some routine activities. We believe a trip should be memorable, should be fruitful, should be an experience by itself.

Our endeavour is to bestow you a real life experience while you travel. We attempt to connect you to the people when you go. Our venture is to reveal those hidden secrets of the place which you would find nowhere else.
And we present you India. The mysteriously addictive country. The enigma people trying to solve since centuries.

Our commitment to you also is driven by our social cause. The world is a pretty prodigious place. And we want to do our bit to keep it that way.
That's our core philosophy to adapt and practice Sustainable Tourism and Responsible Travel. We are here to affirm that sustainability and responsibility does not mean no fun; in fact fun can used to benefit the society, the world.

We welcome you to visit our Programs and Experiences to encounter a new India in an antithetic way.

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An initiative led by Europa Nostra has shortlisted at-risk cultural landmarks and aims protect seven of the most endangered

An aerial cableway in Georgia, a modernist monument in Bulgaria and an ice factory in Grimsby, are among 12 heritage sites that have been shortlisted by a campaign that is highlighting Europe’s most at-risk cultural monuments.

Heritage federation Europa Nostra, which works with Unesco and the EU, lobbies to protect cultural and natural heritage across the continent and represents national and local heritage groups. The shortlist is part of its 7 Most Endangered initiative that will lead to monuments receiving exposure, as well as guidance from Europa Nostra experts about preservation.

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Photographer Christopher Thomond visited Blackpool throughout 2017. From throngs on the pier to glorious sunsets and windswept dog walks, Laura Barton examines its appeal

There is a rhythm set down by the sea – by the steady turn of the tides, the passage of the boats, the pull between land and water. But it is there also in the year’s division of pleasure, the stark demarcation of the in and out of season. To the unaccustomed eye there is little so bleak as a seaside town in winter – the shuttered gaiety, the unpeopled shore, the wind that rattles the amusement arcades, ice-cream parlours and bed and breakfast windows.

When the warmer months come, they are heralded not by the hedgerows, snowdrops and songbirds, but by a sense of the town itself unfurling: the reopening of cafes on the front, the softened contours of the sand, by the sea that no longer scowls a hunkered-down grey, but softens, and lifts its face towards the sky. And then comes the arrival of the day trippers, pleasure seekers, holidaymakers, a sudden swelling of numbers for the yearly parade of airshows, funfairs, hen dos, weddings.

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Thailand’s eastern islands offer the beauty, unspoilt beaches and personal touch missing from more touristy areas and, with accommodation from £18 a night, they’re affordable, too

The island of Koh Chang and its satellites – which include Koh Mak and Koh Kood – are the eastern-most islands in Thailand and, while they can’t really be referred to as undiscovered, they do lack the brand-name recognition of Phuket. The contrast with their better-known cousin is obvious: outside the built-up beaches on the west coast of Koh Chang, hotels and guest houses are mostly small and family-run. Infrastructure has been slow to follow demand and the islands have no commercial airport (though there are up to three flights daily from Bangkok to Trat on the mainland).

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Relax, restore and reset yourself at these festivals that feature yoga classes, spa treatments, healthy food, live music – and, yes, occasionally, a little alcohol

Launched last year, Soul Circus offers a programme of yoga and pilates, plus live music, DJs, healthy food supplied by local farmers and thought-provoking talks. There’ll be classes from aerial to blindfold yoga, workshops on topics such as the science of happiness, and the chance to chill in the spa with holistic treatments and lakeside hot tubs. It’s held at picturesque Elmore Court near Gloucester, and the gardens and woodlands are the setting for light shows and parties held long into the night.
17-19 August, tickets £189, soulcircus.yoga

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Away from the mass tourist attractions is another Florida, a place of small towns, wild beaches, subtropical islands, great seafood and local bars. Please share your experiences

You may have been on a nature trek, stayed at a great family-run out-of-the-way hotel, enjoyed a small museum, found a gorgeous but quiet beach and eaten at independent restaurants. We want to hear about any facet of Florida’s hidden side – particularly if it was really good value.

Send us details of your Florida trip via GuardianWitness, with as much detail as you can (including website, accommodation and prices etc, if possible).

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Grab a seat at Dewa & Sons – purveyor of Mauritius’s favourite street food snack – and prepare to get messy

Mauritians go misty-eyed at talk of dholl puri: a pancake made from ground yellow split peas seasoned with cumin and turmeric, griddled on a tawa (flat pan) and wrapped around cari gros pois (butter bean curry) with rougaille (spicy Creole tomato sauce), pickled vegetables, coriander satini (chutney) and chilli.

Originating from Indian parathas (stuffed flatbreads), dholl puri was introduced to Mauritius by Bhojpuri-speaking Indian indentured labourers from Bihar more than a century ago – and stuffed with the ingredients to hand, making it uniquely Mauritian. They are always sold in pairs, wrapped fish and chips-style in paper to take away and cost 14 rupees (30p). Typically, the nation’s favourite street food is then washed down with a soft drink.

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India has a rich history and tradition of oral storytelling, right from the old narratives of the Panchatantras and Jataka tales to the regional folk forms propagated by potochitrakars, bauls, harikatha and burrakatha storytellers. Remember the bedtime stories your grandmother narrated to you when you were a kid? Or the night-long plays or leelas you would attend over festivals like Dussehra? Storytelling defines our culture and identity. It’s a part of Indian rich heritage. One such [...]

Heading for Uttarakhand this summer? Looking for some place to stay away from the usual tourists? Bored of staying at the regular hotels and resorts? Presenting some hidden and secretly kept destinations in Uttarakhand to cheer your vacation up, and to rejuvenate your soul this summer. See the list of offbeat stays in Himachal Pradesh in [...]

Picture yourself in a morning sipping a cup of tea sitting on the balcony of a cozy rusty cottage surrounded by apple orchards, enveloped within misty jungles, overlooking the majestic Himalayas. Isn’t it the dream about your trip when you visit Himachal Pradesh? Owning such a house in the Himalayas might be a fantasy for some of us, but experiencing it is a mere question of your intention. The mighty mountains has several serene and beautiful cottages and homestays in Himachal P [...]