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Not everyday you get out across the world to wander about just anywhere; we get it, it is indeed a complex decision.
But for us, its been our everyday job. Let's just say we know what today's travellers really desire.
We do not consider a vacation is just going somewhere to visit some prevailing places, and doing some routine activities. We believe a trip should be memorable, should be fruitful, should be an experience by itself.

Our endeavour is to bestow you a real life experience while you travel. We attempt to connect you to the people when you go. Our venture is to reveal those hidden secrets of the place which you would find nowhere else.
And we present you India. The mysteriously addictive country. The enigma people trying to solve since centuries.

Our commitment to you also is driven by our social cause. The world is a pretty prodigious place. And we want to do our bit to keep it that way.
That's our core philosophy to adapt and practice Sustainable Tourism and Responsible Travel. We are here to affirm that sustainability and responsibility does not mean no fun; in fact fun can used to benefit the society, the world.

We welcome you to visit our Programs and Experiences to encounter a new India in an antithetic way.

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With half-term upon us and summer round the corner, the UK’s castles are rolling out all kinds of entertainment, including medieval-themed activities, theatre, glamping – and a dash of Harry Potter

A 15th-century moated castle surrounded by a 300-acre estate, Herstmonceux is a tranquil site with a range of themed gardens to explore, including an Elizabethan, a magic and a butterfly garden. From May to October, Herstmonceux also offers horse and carriage rides around the estate (from £3 adult, £2 children, under 5s free). The castle hosts England’s Medieval Festival 2017(26-28 August), which is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a weekend-long bonanza of battles, jousting, archery, banquets and all the other elements and ephemera of medieval life.
Adults £6, children £3, under 5s free, family (two adults three children) £14. herstmonceux-castle.com

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Chicago’s new American Writers Museum has given the nation a fitting centre to celebrate the influence of its literature, and with Hemingway’s birthplace also in town, the city makes for a great literary trip

Admirers of the great American novel have a treat in store, as the first museum devoted to US writers opened in Chicago in mid-May.

Seven years in the making, the $5m American Writers Museum (adult $12, child free, open Tues-Sun) offers an entertaining and sometimes surprising tour through the whole tradition, from early colonists to modernists such as Truman Capote and Tennessee Williams. Along the way visitors can learn about their rackety lives and wonderful words, and just how the US has seen itself over the years.

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In our weekly look at people’s travels through three Instagram shots we look at the flourishing street art movement in the Colombian capital

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It’s 50 years since the ‘flower children’ gathered in San Francisco to turn on, tune in and drop out. Tell us about places around the world where that hippy vibe still reigns

Much has changed since that heady summer of 1967 when young people converged on Haight-Ashbury to reject consumerist values and embrace long hair and drugs. We’d like to hear about any beaches, bars, restaurants or guesthouses – Morocco, India, Formentera perhaps? – where the hippy spirit lives on. It could be an island where you can sling your own hammock on the beach, a hotel, bar or cafe that has hardly changed since the days of the hippy trail, or a small festival that exudes idealistic community spirit of the 60s.

Send us a tip via GuardianWitness, with as much detail as you can (including website and prices etc, if possible) in around 100 words.

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A cafe in Shillong pays homage to the great singer-songwriter, a local hero in this music-mad city

On an evening stroll along the hilly roads of Shillong, in India’s north-eastern state of Meghalaya, I came across a sign for Dylan’s Cafe. Given Shillong’s reputation as the rock music capital of India, I was not really surprised.

The cafe is on the upper level of a house in a narrow lane. Part of the staircase is lined with vinyl records, while rare framed posters of the musician greet visitors from the wall.

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Our series of city guides for families heads to creative, community-minded Bristol, with its fab, and often free, attractions and acres of parkland nearby
More in this series: London | Brighton | Berlin | Paris | Barcelona | Rome | Amsterdam

Bristol isn’t the most beautiful city in the world (the blitz and brutalist post-war planning saw to that), but it compensates with a unique, offbeat charm. Cycle paths, community farms, street art, street food and a potent live music scene make it a multicultural, civic-minded kind of place with an alternative approach to city planning, green credentials and an unshowy, creative vibe – characteristics that also make it a family-friendly destination.

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