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Not everyday you get out across the world to wander about just anywhere; we get it, it is indeed a complex decision.
But for us, its been our everyday job. Let's just say we know what today's travellers really desire.
We do not consider a vacation is just going somewhere to visit some prevailing places, and doing some routine activities. We believe a trip should be memorable, should be fruitful, should be an experience by itself.

Our endeavour is to bestow you a real life experience while you travel. We attempt to connect you to the people when you go. Our venture is to reveal those hidden secrets of the place which you would find nowhere else.
And we present you India. The mysteriously addictive country. The enigma people trying to solve since centuries.

Our commitment to you also is driven by our social cause. The world is a pretty prodigious place. And we want to do our bit to keep it that way.
That's our core philosophy to adapt and practice Sustainable Tourism and Responsible Travel. We are here to affirm that sustainability and responsibility does not mean no fun; in fact fun can used to benefit the society, the world.

We welcome you to visit our Programs and Experiences to encounter a new India in an antithetic way.

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These trails take in everything from street art in Birmingham to Henry Moores in West Yorkshire – where our man and his dog find the natural attractions as alluring as the manmade ones

As we head up out of the trees by the lake, the snow comes down and for a few minutes we can see nothing but the grey shapes of sheep as they huddle together. I even mistake the ovine drinking trough for a piece of modern art, an error that could probably only happen here in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, 500 acres of parkland, pasture and lake where on your winter walk you are as likely to bump into a Highland cow or Texel ewe as a Gormley or Caro.

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As the days get longer, walking in the great outdoors gains appeal. Archaeological remains add layers of history to these scenic routes

Start/end Coed Dolgoed car park, Pontrhydfendigaid
Distance/time 3.4 miles/2 hours
Grade Easy

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A fun activity on a guided walk brings the countryside to life for kids. One dad even gets his three splashing about in the rainy Norfolk Broads

Small children will never rapturously welcome the announcement of an activity they’ve never done before. Especially if it involves the dreaded word “walk” – and definitely not when temperatures are close to freezing on a day of constant rain.

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‘It felt less like being in a plane than in a strange kind of conference centre’

The first thing you noticed was the silence. Even sitting by the engines at takeoff, you didn’t need to raise your voice on the A380 superjumbo. The quiet was almost eerie.

It was a monstrous double-decker so big it felt like travelling in two planes stuck on top of one other. It was a kind of cruise ship of the skies with staircases, bars and private first-class cabins, spilling out a wave passengers when it landed at airports. And yet, when you were onboard, it somehow managed to feel delicate.

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Ban to take effect at the end of May after years of trials and research into air pollution at the Veneto seaside resort

The Venetian seaside resort of Bibione will be the first Italian beach to go completely smoke-free, in a mission to safeguard the environment from discarded cigarette ends and protect visitors from secondhand smoke.

The decision comes after eight years of trials, as part of the Breathe the Sea Air project, which saw an initial smoking ban between the first row of umbrellas to the water’s edge. New measures, to be imposed by the end of May, will include designated smoking areas 300 to 400 metres away from the sea, at the edge of the beach. Details regarding fines and whether e-cigarettes are to be permitted will be published in May.

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Kids can run wild and enjoy imaginative play, fun nature tasks and art trails through these glorious woods

With one very active and another dreamy nephew, entertaining them is sometimes problematic. While holidaying in Scotland, we visited Pressmennan Woods, near Dunbar, a perfect compromise. As well as opportunities to run free and spot wildlife, including deer and otter, there’s an amazing circular sculpture trail. Our “bookworm” was entranced by the carved wooden characters, the floor-living “glingbobs” and canopy-dwelling “tootflits”, whose “homes” he discovered. Busy creating stories about these mythical creatures, he scarcely noticed the climb to the top of the hill. There, we picnicked with two happy lads and magnificent views towards the Firth of Forth.

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