Happy Hands Foundation

Happy Hands Foundation

Happy Hands is all about preserving and reviving traditional Indian art, crafts and culture. They work extensively on artisan development and focus on creating sustainable livelihoods for artisans through arts. Their vision is to foster a culturally rich people by creating meaningful interaction with the arts, generating appreciation for cultural heritage and restoring dignity in crafts practice.

Happy hands have initiated number of programs in this field.


Through the Folk Art & Craft Revival programs, Happy Hands aims to study, and promote languishing crafts. They believe that by creating more craft-practitioners, and by enabling the public to understand craft, they can hope to preserve some of the oldest traditions that exist in India while simultaneously impacting livelihoods.


It is estimated that each year, 10% of the artisans abandon their craft to migrate to cities in search of labour jobs, or find other means of earning. Children of artisans, therefore, find no motivation in following suit and continuing with traditional art work. To address these concerns, and to restore dignity to the profession of being an artist, they focus on programs which would enable artisans to learn, be educated about design and the emerging market trends, network, and develop professionally.


Happy Hands works closely with young people. Through its various projects and interventions, HHF encourages and enables youth participation and interaction with beneficiary communities to impact lives of young people as well as the community they work with.


Exchanges and Residencies are aimed at encouraging an artist to engage with a different culture, learn through experimentation, and realise their potential to grow. When artists from two different countries with similar or vastly different skills meet to create something in unison, the result is exquisite and rich with experience.




Recipient of the 5th Indira Innovation Honours for Social Entrepreneurship


Recipient of the Jury Prize at the Young Creative Entrepreneur Awards (British Council)


Chosen for the US State Department’s International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP)


Recognized as one of the top 100 social change makers in Asia-Pacific Region by FYSE


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