Kitchen Craft Cooking School

Kitchen Craft Cooking School

Rajasthani food, in line with conventional Hindu beliefs, is primarily an array of vegetarian food combined with generous amounts of spices and garnish. The use of lentils and legumes such as Jowar, Bajra and Gram Flour as core ingredients is very prominent.Also the miles of desert region making up Rajasthan’s landscape has resulted in the use of milk and butter milk in the majority of dishes as opposed to plain water.

Kitchen Craft Cooking school is run under the flagship of Ms. Sunita Minglani. Food,  cooking & drive new experiments in cooking is not only her profession but it’s a passion for her.  She is being in this profession from last  22 years.  You can watch her on TV cooking Show viz -Rasoi Se- on ETV. 

She specializes in cooking authentic Rajasthani food.  She not only teaches you how to make these traditional foods but also shares the nutritional values hidden in the foods and spices, informs you of proper combinations, explains possible substitutions  and lastly, charms you by sharing old Rajasthani cooking secrets.

Kitchen craft has hygienic cooking lab meeting advanced standards for complete cooking .A few practical tips and tried and tested recipes, you should be able to cook like a chef and replicate gourmet dishes in your own home in no time.

Enjoy the delightful and exciting cooking experience where the heart of Rajasthan culture will come to life at your fingertips!