Jaipur – probably the most colourful locus in the famous Golden Triangle circuit. A city that narrates a poetic saga of endurance, color, heritage, valor, tradition, artistry and culture.

The city’s colourful and anarchic streets flood with a potent blend of old and new. Amidst all these mayhem, the radiance of Jaipur’s regal past shows footprints in every corner of the ancient modern city.

In addition to the regular (yet, spellbound) tourist attractions like Amber Fort, Hawamahal, City Palace, Jantar Mantar etc. the soul of Jaipur also lies within its rich culture of food, jewelry, monuments, attires,  handicrafts, arts and more.

About Jaipur

Start experiencing the glorious past of Rajputs from Jaipur, India’s first planned city.

Jaipur is truly equipped to satisfy the appetite of travellers of all kinds and choices. If you are a historical buff, you have numerous glorious monuments and structures along with more glorious biographies behind them. If you are a foodie, the Rajathani cuisine is ascertained to elate you. If you are a discoverer, a whole distinct world is awaiting you. If you are a luxury traveller, come here to experience how it feels to live like a King. If you are an art lover, go nowhere else. And if you are fascinated by people and culture, expect the unexpected here.

This city of Rajputs is also well known for its fairs and festivals that are held on a grand level. The fests include kite festival, camel festival, teej, gangaur, elephant festival, to name a few. Dressed in pink this royal city of Rajasthan is the apt blend of heritage, palaces, culture and art and the flamboyance of this place can be experienced only by visiting it.

Named after her founder, Maharaja Jai Singh (II), the city truly justifies its alias. Jai, in Hindi means Winning. Just like the city had won almost all the battles she fought in her majestic history, she still keeps on her winning tradition for the tourists.


Our programs in Jaipur are all trails towards the Rajput culture and traditions, blended with modern amenities and century old customs. You will join hands with traditional artisan and craftsmen, reach out to historic evidences, stay in rural villages.

Years laters, you will still hear the morning calls of the chaiwalas, silence of the desert, the chatter of village people, trumpets of the mighty elephants, screams of peacocks. Our Jaipur programs not only about visiting mighty monuments, not only rushing between highlights to highlights. Our programs are made to make you see Jaipur as it is. Raw, Addictive, Bizzare, yet culturally rich.