Rajasthan – the land of living history, the continent of colors – offers limitless options for you to experience.

Be it rich historical legacy, footsteps of ancient warriors, bundle of wildlife, gorgeous arts and crafts work, tempting foods, vibrant festivals, or singular landscapes – you cannot just get enough of it.

The home of legendary Rajputs is hailing you.

About Rajasthan

Rajasthan is truly the reflection of the diversity and essence of India.

Legend says the Rajputs had dwelled and ruled Rajasthan for over 1000 years; and they never really got defeated. The Afghans didn’t break them, the Mughals couldn’t beat them, and lately the British couldn’t entirely control them. The heroics of Rajputana still breathes across the entire land.

Rajasthan has exclusives for everybody – for history seekers, for food buffs, for adventure junkies, for art loves, for cultural enthusiasts, for honeymooners. The mighty Thar Desert, the adventurous wild forests, camel safari and glimpse of tigers, shimmering jewels, traditional delicious cuisines, flamboyant art and vibrant culture, famous colourful fairs and festivals – you name it and Rajasthan has it. The dazzling fairs and festivals in Rajasthan will give you a chance to explore the art, culture, traditions, history and people.

The palaces of Jaipur, lakes of Udaipur, forts of Jodhpur, temples of Ranakpur, desert of Jaisalmer, shrine of Ajmer, wildlife of Ranthambore attract tourists from around the globe.

In many ways, Rajasthan is also a land of incongruity. The abundance of havelis and forts stand hand-to-hand with some of the neediest communities of the country. Most modern amenities co-exist with ancient culture and traditions. You can take a hot air balloon ride over century old fort and fortresses witnessing vintage festivals. You can hop on a supremely decorated elephant to reach to your 5-star haveli. One day you can take a camel safari on hot sand dunes, next day you can go for a tiger expedition in a thick dense jungle. In the morning you can meet and attend vibrant artisan village and community, in the evening you can taste your own cooked rajasthani meal.

Our programs in Rajasthan are all memoirs composed in multicolour. We take you to local villages, meet traditional artisan and craftsmen, touch historic evidences, meet legendary families. Discover the true colors of century old community, be amazed by their most unique culture and architecture. Our Rajasthani programs are not just trips, these are cultural and historical adventure.

We attempt to connect you to the Rajasthani saga by melding you with the local inhabitants and authentic experiences. We will make you see Rajasthan by their own proud eyes.